News: SL!!ME, neuraum am 25.08.2017

vom 23.08.2017

SL!!ME presents Flosstradamus & Ghastly

Sl!!meheads, our progress might be slow, strenuous and mind-boggling, but we are finally forcing this abomination of a species into their trembling knees. When Borgore came to town in June, many bones were broken and skulls cracked. But you got to give it to these blimey suckers, they are like filthy cockroaches. Step on them once and they don´t even care. Step on them again and they might budge an inch. Step on them a third time and they might give up. So 25.08.17 could be the date to remember, where Flosstradamus and Ghastly will finally erase all proof of existence of this pitiful race. Mark my words Sl!!meheads, their days are numbered. Our two marvellous guests of honour will pound and puncture your eardrums with their perverted beats, breaks and sound modulations! By the way, the Neuraum will be the only club Flosstradamus will play in Germany 2017. So buy your ticket, before it is too late!

Sl!!meheads, we have come a long way to finally call this planet our home. The time is now!  

Sl!!me presents Flosstradamus & Ghastly – 25th of August

Club: Flosstradamus & Ghastly

Galerie: Black & R´n´B

Salon: We´re EDM

Keksdose: Partyschlager


Doors: 22.30 h

Admission: 13,- 

Ticket presale:


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